Self-adhesive roll labels

  • We manufacture self-adhesive roll labels
  • suitable for industrial use, for machine application
  • in small, medium and large quantities
  • digital and flexo technology
  • digital die cutting is performed with a laser
  • short production time
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Self-adhesive labels in all quantities

Digital production

We print and cut small and medium runs with digital technology, which avoids the costs of making printing clichés and die cut punching tools. This radically reduces the start-up costs of making labels. Just order as many labels as you really need.

Flexo printing

We manufacture large quantities of labels on rolls with flexo technology. This procedure gives much more favorable unit prices for labels. In relation to digital production, where only CMYK colors are used, it is possible to use white color, Pantones etc.

Advantages of different technologies

Digital technology

Drastically reduces the minimum amount of self-adhesive labels that must be ordered. The minimum order quantity is 1,000 pieces.

  • It is cheaper than other technologies, up to a certain quantity.
  • It does not use hundreds of meters of material for tuning, thus it reduces the amount of waste and thus does not pollute the environment.
  • Shortens the production time for self-adhesive roll labels.
  • No printing plates are used and no expensive die cutting punching tools are used.

Analog technology

By using analog technology, it is possible to produce large quantities of roll labels at very favorable prices per unit. The range of colors is not limited to basic colors, it is possible to print white, Pantone, neon and other colors. At the same time, the labels can be refined as desired, with UV varnish, partial UV varnishing, etc.

Varnishing and lamination - durable, resistant labels

Self-adhesive labels in a roll must be resistant to various external influences: UV radiation, moisture, high temperature, mechanical damage during transport. We increase the resistance of the labels with a bright UV varnish or even cold lamination with a transparent self-adhesive foil.